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Are Your Fake Eyelashes Vegan?

If you are anything like us here at The Quick Flick HQ, then you can’t go past a great set of false lashes. They are that little bit of extra added confidence that can brighten your eyes in minutes and are a wonderful alternative to expensive and potentially irritating lash extensions. But, have you every stopped to wonder what goes into creating your favourite false lashes?

If you haven’t, you might be surprised to learn that while many brands have moved away from materials like human hair, horsehair or plastics, there are still a huge majority of them using real mink animal fur to produce their false lashes.

Fake doesn’t always mean synthetic

It’s important to realise that the fake in fake eyelashes doesn’t always mean they are made using vegan or synthetic materials or adhere to cruelty free standards. In fact, the minks used for the production of false lashes are often bred under appalling conditions, kept in extremely small spaces and disposed of after being stripped of their fur.

In response to this, many brands made the switch to real human hair marketing it as an ethical alternative to animal fur. In reality though, most of the human hair used is the result of exploitation of men and women from impoverished countries. Shocking, right?

So, what’s the answer?

If you’re looking for false lashes that are free from human and animal hair, then you can’t go past faux-mink, which is exactly what we use in our sell-out Quick Lash collection.

Each and every single set of our twelve Quick Lash false lash styles is 100% vegan and cruelty free. Not to mention, handmade exclusively from faux-mink to mimic the look and feel of natural lashes, proving you don’t need to substitute quality when switching to a more ethical choice.

Suitable for up to 30+ applications, our lightweight false lashes are designed to pair perfectly with your favourite Quick Flick Winged Eyeliner Stamp and feature a super flexible lash band that sits on top of our revolutionary Quick Lash Adhesive Liner for fast and flawless lashes.

Make the change

Every time you choose to support a vegan beauty brand (like The Quick Flick!) you are already making a change towards a more ethical and environmentally friendly industry. But, for those of you who are looking to take even more action, we’ve included some useful petitions and trusted organisations you can participate in:


Time to take action and make the switch to support vegan beauty today!

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