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Coloured Eyeliner Isn't Scary, We Promise!

Who else is guilty of wearing the same eye look every single day? Incorporating colour into your makeup regime can be as easy as switching up your wing liner from the classic black to something a little more fun. Our Get Lit collection has 5 stunning shades that you can use to sneak some colour into your daily looks or elevate your party eye to another level. It may seem intimidating, but we promise you will love it!

Pink, Please!

Creating a tonal coloured look was all the rage in 2020, and we're all for bringing this into the new year! Experimenting with a pink eye look is the perfect way to create an easy tonal vibe that reflects your lips and cheeks. This is something that can be made to look super natural or something more playful with a dramatic wow-factor - just amp up the blush and add in a pink shadow. Below Amea wears our Pink Wink eyeliner in To The Point with a natural base, and clean overall look. By keeping her lids bare and opting for the liner alone she can easily take this look to work meetings or keep it fun for a zoom call! 

Amea wears Pink Wink.

Rocking Red

We love pushing our customers out of their comfort zone, and helping them embrace the fun side of makeup. Cherry Bomb is one of our favourite liners in HQ, the perfect way to inject some cool girl red into your routine without that deep red lipstick you're just going to smudge all over your coffee cup! You could easily wear a red liner thick and bold, paired back with a red lip to create a colour blocked look, or you could go for a thinner band of liner with the rest of your face quite neutral and glowy. 

Dimmie wears Cherry Bomb, Quick Lash Adhesive Liner in Black, and Quick Lash False Lashes in Petite #3

Wink Those Baby Blues!

Blue eye makeup is no longer reserved just for an 80's dress up.=! Incorporate this fun and exciting colour with our Evil Eye Eyeliner Stamp. To create a more polished azure look, apply with a soft neutral shadow (shimmer or matte totally up to you), a set of soft natural lashes (To The Point 1 for example) and your favourite nude lip. To create a little more drama, you can pair with a contrasting orange lip and enjoy sipping a cocktail poolside with the latest issue of Vogue.

Victoria wears Evil Eye.

Here Comes The Queen

Want to channel the aristocrat within? Purple Reign is the perfect pop of deep purple to enhance those peepers. We highly recommend this shade to our hazel and brown eyed sovereigns as it creates a beautiful contrast and picks up all the brown flecks in your irises. Pair this liner with a statement deep wine red lip or with your favourite gold eyeshadow for a magnificent statement eye!


Sara wears Purple Reign.

Oh My, Orange

During Summer we love a warm toned eye look. Leaning into the tonal trend, why not opt for an orange liner like Hot Summer and a warm peach shadow. Pull this tone through your cheeks and add a hydrating balm or gloss to your lips and you will be sun ready! If the dance floor (real or zoom!) is where you're more likely to be spending those balmy nights, create a statement eye with a crisp orange wing, sparkly inner corner and your favourite false lashes (we'd recommend Grand 3 for that party moment).

Victoria wears Hot Summer.

Have we inspired you yet? Make sure you tag us in your Get Lit looks so we can see that confidence shine. 

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