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GLOW UP With These Summer Beauty Tips

Now that Summer has made its grand entrance, the urge for something new is creeping up on a lot of us. So what is it about a new season that provokes a sudden invitation that something needs to change. We're not saying it's a bad thing; it's simply something to recognise and go with. So I wouldn't bother arguing. You can blame the new season for sparking a change in your routine.

Ahhh Summer. Bikinis, long days spent enjoying the sun and afternoon drinks by the sea as the balmy night settles in around us. There's a reason why we all love Summer, but with the good must come the bad. Accidental sunburn that could compare to the red hot flames of hell. Dry flaky skin from sun, wind, and sand as we expose ourselves to the elements. And then there's that pesky morning sunlight that somehow ends up shining directly into your eyeballs, giving you a not-so-pleasant 4:30 am wake-up call.

We're not giving Summer the best wrap here, are we? Look, Summer is fantastic and enjoyable as long as you take care of yourself and implement a few changes. With the right self-care, proper planning, and block-out blinds, you can make this Summer one to remember!

So glow up this Summer with these beauty tips.

Show your skin a bit of love

Invest in skincare that will nourish your skin this Summer. A good skincare routine is crucial in ensuring your skin is the best it can be, especially when that scorching weather hits! Good quality products will also make all the difference in ensuring your skin is cared for in the best way possible, so don't scrimp when it comes to maintaining your mug.

Removing your makeup at the end of the day is a vital part of keeping your skin at its best, especially if you've been sweating in the heat all day drinking margaritas with the girls! Our skincare set has everything you need to scrub away the remnants of a busy day!

Try out a new look

We're not saying dye your hair black and go thick with the eyeliner, but a subtle change for Summer can be enough to refresh your look and have you confident to stride into the new season! Jump into highlights you've been considering or cut in the bangs that you've been on the fence about for a while. Wear the outfit you have been dreaming about but didn't think you could pull off. It's incredible how a tiny change can make you feel invigorated and completely change the way you think of yourself!

Stock up on sunscreen

The best thing for your skin and your first step every day to prevent sun damage and reduce the effects of ageing should be a good sunscreen! Sunscreen will keep your complexion glowing and even. It can also reduce your risk of skin cancer by a massive 50%! Avoiding sun damage will also ensure your skin is less prone to signs of premature ageing and pigmentation.

Make sure you check out our SPF 50+ Prep and Set Bundle from The Quick Flick to cover all your sunscreen needs!

Sleep in

A good night's sleep is one of the easiest and cheapest beauty tips we can offer this season! A night out with the girls or a Netflix and chill session can be great as long as those late nights don't outnumber those that include a restful night's sleep. If you struggle to maintain a healthy sleep routine, try switching off your devices an hour before bed. Wind down with a candlelit bath or dissolve yourself in that novel you've always wanted to read. An easy option, provided you don't have children, is to enjoy a nice sleep in whenever you can. So pull down those blinds, forget about your problems and doze away. When it's for the cause of glowing, beautiful skin, it's allowed.

P.S. When block-out blinds aren't an option, check out The Quick Flicks Silk Eye Mask.

Focus on mental health

Beauty starts on the inside, and it might take more than a few positive affirmations to get in a headspace where you can be confident in your body this Summer. Try telling yourself three things every morning that you like or appreciate about yourself. Focus on things you struggle with, and you'll be amazed at how much better you feel if you keep to this empowering self-love journey!

The best advice we can give is to shop from brands that emphasize integrity and honesty with their customers. The Quick Flick has a team of dedicated and educated beauty professionals who can answer any of your questions and advise on any and all beauty tips specific to your skin type. So don't hesitate to contact our Beauty Advisors through our Instagram or Facebook Group.

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