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The Products Our Beauty Advisor Swears By For An Effortless Eye Look

Now I’m not going to lie, while I am probably the biggest beauty and skincare addict in HQ, I’m very minimal when it comes to my day to day look. I like quick, I like easy, and most importantly I like effortless.  

My daily routine consists of a good SPF, spot concealing, a dramatic wing, and maybe a slick of highlighter if I’m feeling some unicorn vibesI’m a big fan of an eye look that will take me from day to night with no additional effort, and that is why I fell in love with The Quick Flick winged eyeliner stamps.  
While much of my wardrobe consists of black, I tend to lean towards toasty browns and bronzes when it comes to my makeup. Having brown eyes and fair skin I find that black eyeliner can sometimes look too harsh for my daily makeup, which is why Hot Fudge is hands down my all-time favourite liner.  
You can recreate my go-to daily look in less than 10 minutes with my favourite products below! 

1. Quick Lash False Lashes in style Petite #1  

If you’ve ever worn eyelash extensions or dramatic false lashes then you know the heavy feeling of extra weight on your eyes... I’m here to promise you that Petite #1 is perhaps the most weightless pair of lashes I have ever triedlike ever 
Featuring a clear lash band, Petite #1 blends seamlessly into your natural lash line and will have your friends, lovers and co-workers wondering what coconut oil sorcery you are using to grow such voluminous lashes!  

This style is fantastic for everyday wear no matter if you’re a false lash pro or just finding your feet (ahem, lashes!).  

2. The Quick Flick Hot Fudge Eyeliner Stamp in size Petite 8mm 

Our Hot Fudge winged liner stamp is the perfect alternative to black, as it still features a deep pigment but creates a warmer eye look that really enhances your natural eye colour. Whether your peepers are brown, blue, green, or a gorgeous combination, Hot Fudge is going to make your eyes stand out. 

I love pairing Hot Fudge back with champagne or gold toned shadows to really emphasise my brown eyes and create a dreamy eye look that will work no matter the season.  

Petite 8mm is the perfect length for an everyday, effortless look that will take you from work to play. Only 8mm in length it’s a subtle wing that will enhance your features, but if you love a thick liner on your lid like I do then don’t be afraid to go a little heavier handed with the liner side of our pen and amp up the drama! 

3. Quick Lash Adhesive Liner in Brown

Can we all take a minute to just sigh a massive thanyou to The Quick Flick Product Team for blessing us with such a game changing lash product!  

Our Quick Lash Adhesive Liner is one of the easiest, most fuss-free products that will ever grace your lash collection. Free from nasty glues and magnetics, this product uses Styrene/Acrylates Copolymer (which is a science-y way of saying pressure sensitive adhesive!) to form a bond between the lash band and your lash line when light pressure is applied. Like I said, game-changer! 

You apply Quick Lash Adhesive Liner just like you would any other felt-tip liner, 2-3 swipes along the lash line (not too thick!) and you’ll be left with gorgeous pigmentation and the perfect base for your false lashes. The most important thing to remember when applying this adhesive, is to allow thirty seconds after application for the adhesive to get tacky. For this reason, I like to apply my adhesive liner before I apply my winged liner! 


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