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Why Makeup Wipes Just Don't Cut It

Many makeup wipes found within our bathroom cabinets contain fibers and ingredients that aren’t biodegradable, leading not only to a further buildup of our planets landfill, but also contamination of our water sources. That’s why now, more than ever before, it’s more important that when we’re caring for our skin, we also make a conscious effort to care for the environment as well.  

Not only are makeup wipes harmful to our environment, but they may actually be doing more harm, than good to your skin as well. A number of makeup wipes are full of harsh chemicals that disrupt the pH balance of your skin and its acid mantle (the protective layer of your skin). They’re also irritating and can cause micro-tears in the skin surface, due to the abrasive texture. These tears can lead to the faster ageing and dehydration of your skin. 

So, to help you combat your makeup wipe habits, we’ve compiled a list of our must have cleansing tips and tricks for removing makeup and SPF from your skin.  

Cleansing Routine 

Just like you shouldn’t have a cheese platter without the cheese, you also shouldn’t wear makeup without having a cleansing routine. After wearing makeup, whether for an hour or all day, it’s important to cleanse your skin of any makeup residue, dirt and other debris from the surface of your skin. Cleansing will leave your skin looking hydrated, young and will also assist with reducing the risk of future breakouts.  
Your cleansing routine should include makeup removal, a cleanser, water and a dry cloth/towel.  

Flick Off! Micellar Water Makeup Remover 

This all-in-one makeup remover, works to remove makeup and dead skin cells from the face 

With a formula containing essential fatty acids, antioxidants and plant extracts, it’ll not only leave your skin feeling refreshed, but also hydrated, soothed and protected against environmental damage. While ideal for the face, the oil free formula, makes it suitable for delicate areas of the face, such as the eye area and also for lash extensions.  
To further enhance the effectiveness of the makeup remover, we recommend pairing it with our Flick Off! Reusable Makeup Pads. This will ensure every trace of makeup and SPF is removed, leaving you with fresh, clean skin.  

 After removing your makeup, you’re then able to go into a double cleansing routine. Double cleansing involves washing your face with two different types of cleansers, the first an oil-based and the second a water-based. This cleansing process has a number of benefits, including helping revitalise dull skin and also allow your skincare products to penetrate deeper into the skin, enhancing their effectiveness.  

Flick Off! Reusable Makeup Pads  

For a more environmentally friendly and sustainable option, that’s also gentle on your skin, turn to the Flick Off! Reusable Makeup Pads. These reusable makeup remover pads feature a versatile double-sided fabric design, that’s ideal for both eye and face makeup removal. The silky soft bamboo fabric side, works best for the sensitive eye area, while the terry cotton textured side, is perfect for gently exfoliating and buffing away makeup and dead skin cells from the face.  



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 Not only are they ideal for removing makeup, but theyre also multi-purpose, making them the ideal skincare routine pal for applying toner, or removing face masks. And, just like the name suggests theyre reusable, just place them into the 100% cotton wash bag, which is included with your reusable makeup pads, and pop them into the washing machine. Theyll be ready to go again and again. They’re the makeup remover pad that keeps on giving.  

Makeup Removal Donts 

While weve shared our must have tips for removing makeup and SPF, we thought wed also share with you our makeup removal donts.  

  • Avoid using makeup wipesinstead opt for something more environmentally friendly, like our Flick Off! Reusable Makeup Remover Pads.  
  • Avoid rubbing or dragging your makeup removal pads over your skin. Instead, gently hold and swipe it across your face or lid. This will prevent causing micro-tears, which may lead to pimples or pigmentation. 
  • Remove your eye makeup last - After youve removed your facial makeup, hold a Flick Off! Reusable Makeup Remover Pad over them for 1-2 minutes and then gently wipe. This will leave you with clean and clear eyelids.  
  • Clean your lips last - This ensures your lipstick doesnt accidentally get smudged over your face  

Next time you’re standing in the beauty aisle with one eye on the makeup wipes, and one on the reusable makeup removers, remember that even your small change can contribute to making a difference to our world. After all, the difference starts with you! 



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